Friday, May 16, 2008

A fun new thing

A few months ago, bloated and pregnant with Margaret, I was asked to write a blog with some other women for Deseret Book. I was really excited, but explained that I might be "a little sad" after the birth of my baby (I love that I said "might," oh, always the optimist!), so I didn't think much of it when months passed and I didn't hear anything. Maybe I had said. too. much.

Well, about a month ago I got the go-ahead that the other women had joined on, and that the site would be up and running May 19th! I have been writing several posts over the last two weeks, and even had a real-life business meeting in "the city". I wore a skirt and everything. I felt very professional, even though I nursed through the agenda and changed Margaret on the floor under the business table when she pooped up her back. I had a back-up outfit for her and everything. Yes, the stars aligned that day.

Excel Entertainment functions under Deseret Book, and they're the ones who approached me. I've been thinking how it's funny how one thing leads to another: Garren's Comedy Troupe in college connects me to voice over and commercial work and connections which leads to the Junior's Giants cartoon series which jumps to Stalking Santa and Excel and now this. Who knows where this will lead. Maybe I'll finally get that pony!

The other women I'm blogging about are incredible: very talented, smart, and funny! I hope I can keep up with them. I'll let you hop over to the site to meet them. I don't want to ruin your surprise of discovery. As soon as the site is up and running, I'll post the link. Please check back, and then go over and read it!


P & L said...

Lisa! This is huge! Congrats! You know that you are just one step away getting the priesthood.

Those are the steps now:





At least that's how they run things out here in Jersey but we're a bit short staffed...Like the war but that's neither here nor there...Well it's not here.


Lindsay is disgusted and made me tell you that I will not be commenting on your new blog.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

You KNOW you lead the pack. How modest you are. Really. Let's be honest.

petie said...

That's so amazing, and such a perfect fit for your life!! I can't wait to be reading your posts -- and we all win, because now you have to write more regularly! Lis-that's incredible news. Congratulations. I can't wait to see/read it.

Kacy said...

This is amazing news. I'm so excited for you! I hope the other bloggers aren't losers.

Bek said...

You are the perfect blogger AND you should get paid for it. Amen sister.

I can't wait to see who else if blogging over there. It is a bonus for us because we will get to hear from you more. Yipee..

NieNie said...


avalentine said...

now? is it up? huh? i tried to google it but just got your facebook. creeepy!

Kimmie said...

Why, why I ask you... Why do all the good things happen to you?
Seriously Lisa that is so sweet! And I thought being a blogger was a dorky thing... Can't wait to read!

c jane said...

The only thing better would be your being able to write and post with your own handwriting. Times-Roman has nothing on your artistic penmanship.

Looking forward to the posts!

Gina said...

You don't even realize that you are the PONY! Congrats!