Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy Birthday O!

O-dog: "Mom, my finger turned purple today in class."

Me: "Eww, why?"

O-dog: "I dunno."

Me: "Maybe it's that rubberband you have twisted around your finger."

O-dog: "Hmm-."

Me: "Hey, don't do that, it's dangerous. Don't wrap rubberbands around your fingers."

O-dog: "Why?"

Happy Birthday to my big seven year-old! My energetic, crazy bees in his head, lushious eyelashes and dreamy blue eyes, funny, bendy, smart, sweet, son number 2. You were eight days overdue, but worth the wait!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Details

Saturday, January 27th
3-5 PM
My house (email me if you need an address/directions)


1. Nice stuff you don't want/need any more.

2. Extra garbage bags/boxes for your stuff, and if anyone has a truck, bring it so we can load up the leftovers (or my minivan will have to do).

3. A treat to share (sweet or savory).

4. A good attitude, dude: no hoarding. Lets keep it fair (Tina).

Here's to cleaning out our houses, hidden closets, and drawers! Here's to thick chewy brownies with big chunks of chocolate in them! Whose bringing those?

Monday, January 08, 2007

Binge and Purge

Happy New Year! I'm having a "Binge and Purge" Party and my sister (you know the one) told me to make sure and give everyone plenty of notice, because this is an event you need to prepare for!

Unfortunate name for a party, but a descriptive one nonetheless. It's time to get together and have treats (binge) and rid our homes of unneeded stuff (purge). Nothing feels quite like that feeling of getting rid of junk: stuff you don't need, stuff you think you'll someday need but never use, stuff you've been given and feel guilty about getting rid of, stuff that takes up space and reminds you it's "still there. . ", and stuff that you just don't like.

Bring the good junk, the stuff you feel guilty about giving away to "whoever," and give it a home to ease where it will be loved and have space to run around and play with junk just like it. If it doesn't find a home, we'll take it to the DI where it will be put out of its misery once and for all.

No money will exchange hands, no worry for even trades. Remember, you're just trying to get rid of the stuff. If it makes someone happy, then good fuzzy feelings for you.

Here are some helpful questions to go through your head as you go through your house, room by room, closet by closet, free of charge, to give you a jump-start (because I'm nothing, if not helpful):
1. When was the last time I wore this? (over a year, give it away--UNLESS you've been pregnant, in that case, 2 years)
2. When was the last time I used this?
3. Is this my style? (you might have a great antique or piece, but it doesn't "go" with anything in your house--get rid of it)
4. Do I NEED it?

When in DOUBT, might I suggest putting "it" in a box or trash-bag and leaving it in a corner/closet/garage for a week. Reevaluate. Also, think, well, if I really need "it," could I buy it or is it "irreplaceable?" When in doubt after that, get rid of it.

Is it contradictory to get rid of junk and then go to a party and bring more junk home? We'll talk about that conundrum while we eat treats.

If you are interested in going to an event like this (no hard feelings if this isn't your thing), email me.

Monday, January 01, 2007


Best Moments of 2006

Lowering the bar: quitting some "extra's"
Miles learning to play the piano.
Owen learning to read.

Phoebe learning to dance and her dance recital--classic!

Hughie learning to crawl, walk, run, and talk. The most expressive baby ever!

Miles' baptism by his dad. Buying him a suit with my mom. Eric D. driving down for it and playing the piano.
The grandpas putting up our playgym in just under 11 hours.
My dad mowing my lawn, fixing up the house, etc when Topher was gone for 7 weeks.

Summer's Wednesday Burgerstand Rating 2006.
Ordinary days at home with Phoebe and Hugh including trips to the library and Target.

Bike rides with the family with our new/used bikes and trailer.

Clark Family Gala at our house starring Ryan Simmons.

4th of July with Wendy Sue and family from Nebraska.
Getting to know Haley, Petie, and Reyna better this year.
Thrillionaire shows! Some people have book group, others Bunko. . . I found my thing.
Doing short/long form improv after the kids go to bed and then watching Lost with Haley, et all.
Brett and Amelia's wedding.

The best birthday celebration of my life: 32 in London with Topher and a day of surprises.

The best trip of my life: 10 days with Topher in London, Dawlish, Dartmoor, Newton Abbot.
Seeing Jennie and her new baby Frankie and kids after 4 years.

Watching Owen and do gymnastics.

Appreciating/Understanding the Old Testament more.
Topher getting "the job" which came with "the salary" and "the benefits."

Taking the kids to the dentist. (no cavities!)
Losing a dress size.
A fun night out with my brothers and sisters and inlaws where we ended up at Target.

Watching UVSC's The Tempest. (and having it win a spot at ACTF)

Watching PTC's Much Ado with incredible actors. What a show.

A fun night out to dinner and Footloose with friends.

Diet Coke and long talks with Erbecca to keep me sane.
Painting more and giving away paintings.
Best Christmas ever--watching the wonder on Hugh's face and the excitement of the unexpected on the kids' faces.
Watching good tv, eating a -surprise- Runza! and chocolate truffles with the house clean and quiet on Christmas day.

Worst Moments of 2006

Provo Theater Company going dark.
Phoebe's broken arm.
Owen's stitches.
Hughie's ability to scream unnaturally loud.

Topher's long days of work/rehearsal/work. Sigh. A lot of long, long days.
The week leading up to my trip to London.
Having to pay a nanny for my trip when surrounded by family (still bitter).
Lame Halloween Party.
Topher's dislike of Bindi (she's 8!).
Phoebe telling me I don't look pretty without make-up (but I'm still nice).

Owen telling me to get a job "like dad-- outside the house" so I would leave him alone!
Miles absentmindedly losing three jackets this year.
Friends who have moved away are still away.
Not reading enough good books.
Missing Pandy at Christmas.
Watching my vivacious 90 year-old Grandmother get old.