Monday, March 31, 2008

Mom Blog

"Oh Margaret! You're so cute! What a cute baby-boo-boo! Look at those kissy lips!"

"No, look at ME!"

"I can do awesome stuff Margot can't do. . ."

"Good one, Hugh! Hilarious! I'll have to remember that! Wait--what's a marker again?"


Monday, March 24, 2008

They're not all my kids, but they all look alike.

On Easter we got all of the Valentine cousins together for a big Easter egg hunt and dinner. Aren't they cute?! That's all I have to say because although I'm trying to post more, it's not going very well. I'm just so tired from mothering five children. Oh, and I've decided to use the term "mothering" more, in order to encapsulate what it is I do all day and night. It sounds so refined, don't you think? (Did you also notice how I'm making a conscience effort to mention how many children I have whenever I can? I mention it as an aside because I'm still trying to appear more mysterious which is NOT going very well, thanks for asking.)