Friday, July 25, 2008

Don't Feel Sorry For Me (unless it means bringing me treats)

As some of you know, Topher's out of town being awesome with his mistress, Lady London. He loves that town and wishes we lived there. I compromised and now he travels there, hosting awesome UVU students, one month out of the year and I stay home where all my stuff is (At first, he kept telling me it was 3 1/2 weeks, but then when I saw the dates I figured it was one day short of 4 weeks and then and there insisted we just go ahead and call that four weeks, but whatever). That is our compromise. Honestly, I'm fine with it because its just too cool of an opportunity to pass up, but I will pull out my glossy martyr card now and again, like any good wife should.

Topher keeps a wonderful account of his travels on his London Blog: mind the gap. Its full of beautiful photos and great insights on traveling there. So if you're thinking about going: Go. If you ever have the opportunity (make it) to go, hosted by one Christopher Clark, you'd be crazy not to go.

Its only been a week, but I've made some observations this last week that have been solidified in my mind over the last three years of doing this (the first year he was gone for 7 weeks--too long!) Let me share a few of them:

1. You can immediately tell the kind a relationship someone has with their spouse by their reaction and line of questioning when they find out where Topher is and what he's doing. (I'm not judging, it's just interesting)

2. Topher apparently gets up with Hugh in the night. A lot.

3. You find out who your real friends are when your husband is out of town for a long time. Even far away friends. (now I'm judging. . . a little--but it's a good judgment)

4. Hiring a regular babysitter so I get expected breaks makes everyone happy. So do new shoes. And eating out.

5. My dad always goes above and beyond helping me when Topher's gone. (Maybe its because he traveled a lot when I was young and no one helped my mom.) It's really touching, and it makes me want to cry (well, there's a big surprise), in a good--that's so meaningful--way.

But if you speak/email/facebook Topher, tell him that "She seems to be holding up. . . " or "well, she's hangin' in there. . .sigh. . with all those kids. . ." and casually remind him that I might love a selection of European dark chocolate and some trinkets from H&M, or whatever.