Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Come see my movie!

Come see my movie!

Wanna come see a good movie? The Utah Family Film Festival is showing "Stalking Santa" this weekend at the University Mall Cinemas.

My husband Topher and I filmed it when I was seven months pregnant with my son (now 2). We had a lot of fun improvising lines and making each other laugh. The director, Greg Kiefer has become a really good friend of ours and his work is amazing. As they say in the biz, he has a great eye. . . (yeah, I already know all the industry terms and stuff, like "strike" and "roll speed," etc.) This is his first feature, but you'd never know it. William Shatner narrates the movie, which really adds to it, because his voice is so distinct and commanding!

Its made it to many film festivals. Eric D. Snider reviewed it. Read about it here.

View the trailer here.

Come see it! Bring the whole family! I really like it and I'm proud of it! I wouldn't recommend it otherwise. Honestly. I've done a lot of stuff I wouldn't recommend.

The movie times are THIS Thurs. at 5, Friday at 7:10, and Saturday at 6:10.