Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Nine is great--it brings us Lego cake!

Remember how this is becoming my Thrillionaire photo blog? To capture the memories, people, to capture the moments. . .

During these long winter months I have to have concrete things to look forward to. One of those things is performing with the Thrillionaires, and the other is mixin' it up with the family. Ah, yah.

Hailey and me dressed for our "Oscar Wilde-style" show with Kirby Heyborne.



Kirby and Matt (Jake wasn't at the show because his baby was busy being born! Yeah Franklin!)

My attempt, at Owen's request, at "Lego cake." Scattered around the cake is Lego candy you can buy in bulk at Macey's. You can really build stuff with them, it's cool. And this is also a picture of what Hugh ate for dinner on Sunday night.

Owen turned 9 this past weekend. I still remember his birth vividly (ironically my most reverent and calm birth) and so we celebrated with all things Legos. Hugh kept stealing them from the birthday boy, and magically disappear. Owen would find him moments later hiding under his bed with a sweaty palm full of lego-guys, and grab them back, and they'd both cry. We played that game several times this past weekend. For the record, somewhere in my house are over 40 Lego guys.