Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dear Auntie Pandy,

Aunty Pandy, here's what we've been doing:

Margaret has bangs. We hope that now that she can see, she'll be interested in learning to walk. So far, she's just interested in puppies and opening cabinet doors. These are her passions.

Hugh is the same. He knows who he is and what he wants. He is funny and wants plain tortilla chips.

We are still very religious and enjoy fake live wax museums, as you would expect. Owen chose "Joseph Smith" as his "Great American" project. He got his first choice. He wrote the speech and made the poster himself. Then he made a button on his hand and stood perfectly still until you pressed it, then he recited his memorized speech and when he was done, froze again. Owen is still really good looking. . .

. . . and so is Topher. Hugh and Margaret are getting used to going to Edgemont for this and that.

We saw James at a corporate gig and made up alternative lyrics back stage in true Valentine fashion. Speaking of Valentine fashion, we missed you.

I wasn't kidding about going over to Edgemont a lot. Here we are at the science fair. Miles determined that everyone has a blind spot (except octopuses--and don't say octupie, I already made that mistake.) I don't think Batman is convinced, do you?

Sometimes to wind down we all play the piano. Margaret isn't very good (but it's okay because she's pretty.)

These are my little Valentine's at (shocker) the Edgemont Valentine's Party. Hugh ate his weight in conversation hearts.

Love you! Write Back! You're cute and sweet!
xo Lisa