Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy Birthday O!

O-dog: "Mom, my finger turned purple today in class."

Me: "Eww, why?"

O-dog: "I dunno."

Me: "Maybe it's that rubberband you have twisted around your finger."

O-dog: "Hmm-."

Me: "Hey, don't do that, it's dangerous. Don't wrap rubberbands around your fingers."

O-dog: "Why?"

Happy Birthday to my big seven year-old! My energetic, crazy bees in his head, lushious eyelashes and dreamy blue eyes, funny, bendy, smart, sweet, son number 2. You were eight days overdue, but worth the wait!


Bek said...

He can't be another year older, he just CANT! I love that little O and he is the reason I have hope for my own little O!!

(and he has dreamy eyes and lips... )

wendysue said...

Happy birthday O!

I'll never forget the first time I met you. I think you were 2-3, and I walked in the door and you came flying down the stairs (no, literally, FLYING down the stairs), slammed into the wall, popped up and said "HI!", then ran away. What a charmer.

Josh said...

Congrats to you, Lisa, for keeping O alive this long. I remember once we were with your kids down in their play room and Owen was climbing up into the window well (by the ceiling,) jumping out and landing on the couch and then doing a bouncing flip onto some cushions on the floor. Stunning. Happy Birthday O!

Bexi said...

Hooray for the antics of our man little O. Go Aquarians!!! Remember when he told me his middle name was "Chicken"?

lisa v. clark said...

I love Owen stories. I really do. I remember when he was a toddler and I would whisper to myself "Alive by five, alive by five." Now that he's seven, I'm quite proud of myself.

He still throws himself down stairs and claims his middle name is chicken, but now he jumps off the top bunkbed into the lovesac. On to the bigger and better, I suppose.

Dana H said...

Say it "AIN'T" SO!!! I can't believe that Owie is 7!! I knew he was tougher than nails when he was dumped backwards onto the rocks in front of your flat. We had just come back from watching Jenny's kiddoes when the guys were in Stratford. We had taken Miles out of the stroller first, and gravity took hold and Owie, still sleeping in the stroller, went ka-pow! He didn't even whince! haha :)
Happy Birthday Owen!

Haley said...

Oh O! What a man! Alive by Five.. what a way to put it.. one down for me, only two to go!

Design Mom said...

Happy Birthday Owen!

Queso said...

I love that he has bees in his head and the bees are crazy. I just love that.

Julie Pippert said...

Happy Birthday to your 7 year old!

Hey have you read Olive My Love? I thought I liked Olive the Other Reindeer but this one is just as good!

Geo said...

Owen sounds like a charming fellow. I sure liked little Hugh-with-stickers when I got to talk to you both on Thursday. (And I must say, you were tremendously likable yourself!)