Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Details

Saturday, January 27th
3-5 PM
My house (email me if you need an address/directions)


1. Nice stuff you don't want/need any more.

2. Extra garbage bags/boxes for your stuff, and if anyone has a truck, bring it so we can load up the leftovers (or my minivan will have to do).

3. A treat to share (sweet or savory).

4. A good attitude, dude: no hoarding. Lets keep it fair (Tina).

Here's to cleaning out our houses, hidden closets, and drawers! Here's to thick chewy brownies with big chunks of chocolate in them! Whose bringing those?


AzĂșcar said...

I'm bringing something good to eat, but I can't commit to what right now!

I can't wait.

~j. said...

I can bring those -- I'm pretty sure I've brought them to your home before.

Will bek be making an appearance?

lisa v. clark said...

I hope so! She'd have good stuff for sure.
Yeah for brownies!

compulsive writer said...
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compulsive writer said...

Not sure if I have anything worthy as far as stuff goes. But I might.

Pretty sure I can make something worthy as far as the food goes.

But I'm mostly in it for the social life. (Yes, a blogger swap meet is as good as it gets sometimes.)

See you Saturday!

Bek said...

ANY OTHER DAY and I would drive out and come. That day is the date that my dear friend here in CA is moving to her new house and I am on duty the whole weekend to watch children and be a helper. This is the lady that talked me through many failed matches, talked me off a few ledges and has been my number one cheerleader the last few years, I need to be there for her. I seriously would pile the in the car and just come out if it were any other day..... :-)

HAVE FUN!!!!!!! I'll just bring my "crap" out when we come to finalize... :-)

Design Mom said...

I'll be there in spirit.

sue-donym said...

I'll be there. Can I bring something from Provo Bakery? (No way am I baking anything next to the great azucar)

Kacy said...

I want to come. But I don't dare. My trash is just trash.

jayniemoon said...

Lis, how often do you do these special parties? I would sure love to come to another one you have!

lisa v. clark said...

Ladies, we're having another one in the Spring, so start collecting.

And Kacy, trash is trash--isn't there something about "one man's trash is another man's treasure?" You made me say it. Lorien brought an old waffle-iron and that was IT, but we would have been lost without her conversational skills and brownies. So that's really the deal about this get-together.

Geo said...

Is it Spring yet?