Monday, January 01, 2007


Best Moments of 2006

Lowering the bar: quitting some "extra's"
Miles learning to play the piano.
Owen learning to read.

Phoebe learning to dance and her dance recital--classic!

Hughie learning to crawl, walk, run, and talk. The most expressive baby ever!

Miles' baptism by his dad. Buying him a suit with my mom. Eric D. driving down for it and playing the piano.
The grandpas putting up our playgym in just under 11 hours.
My dad mowing my lawn, fixing up the house, etc when Topher was gone for 7 weeks.

Summer's Wednesday Burgerstand Rating 2006.
Ordinary days at home with Phoebe and Hugh including trips to the library and Target.

Bike rides with the family with our new/used bikes and trailer.

Clark Family Gala at our house starring Ryan Simmons.

4th of July with Wendy Sue and family from Nebraska.
Getting to know Haley, Petie, and Reyna better this year.
Thrillionaire shows! Some people have book group, others Bunko. . . I found my thing.
Doing short/long form improv after the kids go to bed and then watching Lost with Haley, et all.
Brett and Amelia's wedding.

The best birthday celebration of my life: 32 in London with Topher and a day of surprises.

The best trip of my life: 10 days with Topher in London, Dawlish, Dartmoor, Newton Abbot.
Seeing Jennie and her new baby Frankie and kids after 4 years.

Watching Owen and do gymnastics.

Appreciating/Understanding the Old Testament more.
Topher getting "the job" which came with "the salary" and "the benefits."

Taking the kids to the dentist. (no cavities!)
Losing a dress size.
A fun night out with my brothers and sisters and inlaws where we ended up at Target.

Watching UVSC's The Tempest. (and having it win a spot at ACTF)

Watching PTC's Much Ado with incredible actors. What a show.

A fun night out to dinner and Footloose with friends.

Diet Coke and long talks with Erbecca to keep me sane.
Painting more and giving away paintings.
Best Christmas ever--watching the wonder on Hugh's face and the excitement of the unexpected on the kids' faces.
Watching good tv, eating a -surprise- Runza! and chocolate truffles with the house clean and quiet on Christmas day.

Worst Moments of 2006

Provo Theater Company going dark.
Phoebe's broken arm.
Owen's stitches.
Hughie's ability to scream unnaturally loud.

Topher's long days of work/rehearsal/work. Sigh. A lot of long, long days.
The week leading up to my trip to London.
Having to pay a nanny for my trip when surrounded by family (still bitter).
Lame Halloween Party.
Topher's dislike of Bindi (she's 8!).
Phoebe telling me I don't look pretty without make-up (but I'm still nice).

Owen telling me to get a job "like dad-- outside the house" so I would leave him alone!
Miles absentmindedly losing three jackets this year.
Friends who have moved away are still away.
Not reading enough good books.
Missing Pandy at Christmas.
Watching my vivacious 90 year-old Grandmother get old.


Bek said...

What a great list Lisa. You were one of the only bright spots this last month. THANKS!!!

I saw Bindi on Chris's list and I thought it was a joke.... why does he dislike her so much? Hmmmm.

Love the pictures of the kids and the England photos... how sweet. Here is to more painting in 2007!

petie said...

Well. . .you still manage to sound fabulous. . .even with your "worst moments" list. And I've seen you without make-up, and I'll take on Phoebe -- she's wrong!

I was looking at old pictures the other day and noticed that there are very few people who get better with age -- but you definitely do. You were beautiful in your twenties, but a knock-out in your 30s. We'll just keep shooting for fabulous and 50! It's our decade!

Happy to have shared 2006 with you-

Julie said...

Your pictures are awesome. I loved your list. Now I have to go check Topher's list.

P & L said...

This is a great list! I'm sad that we're not around to crash your parties and Sundays and (fingers crossed) make your "Best of" list. We sure miss you...thought any more about that anniversary trip to New York?

PS: Great pictures.

Dana H said...

Lisa!! Loved the list and LOVED the pics!!!

Hailey said...

Such great pics! By the way, the Thrillionaires would have crashed and burned without you! Here's to an awesome 06 and looking forward to an even better 07!

wendysue said...

You're making me miss you even more! That photo of your family was perfect. I love all of your expressions and I can just hear all the chattering/talking going on!

Did Chris finally get the picture and get you the runza?

One of my new resolutions is to call you more often (I need my Lisa fix). . .every time I think of calling, I say, "oh, she's probably getting the kids fed/to bed/just home from school, etc, etc., so SORRY, now I'm just going to be interrupting your every moment to chat!!

~j. said...

Love your list, love your photos. LOVE that last one of Phoebe. Love that you had the best birthday.

2006...when I had my first Runza. *sigh*

compulsive writer said...

You're so dang cute!

(I feel your pain about the "get real job" comment. One day I drove by Adventure Time and my second child said to me, "Why don't you go to work so I can come here very day.")

lisa v. clark said...

Topher put the photos on. This year I'm going to learn technology. And yes, Runza's from Toph. A great Christmas all around.

AzĂșcar said...

You're just so PRETTY. I can help with the technology thing, really.

I don't like that Bindi either...she's crafty.

bexi said...

Seriously, what is Topher's deal with Bindi????

Good to talk to y'all the other day.

Um, that picture of you is HOT.

christopher clark said...

Maybe there IS hope for me if you teach me, Carina!

Topher says he ain't down with Bindi because she looks like a monkey and she capitalized on her father's death. Those are TOPHER'S WORDS. . . I say cut her some slack. I mean, I'm not going to buy her new line of kid videos, but I have no beef with her.

Haley said...

Look at you and all your cute pics... What a fabulous list you have!

nie nie said...


boy, do you look beautiful!

AzĂșcar said...

I think Topher is right.

Design Mom said...

Lisa is so pretty.

Tina the sistah said...

It was a great 2006! Even if your family didn't watch your 1 billion children, "they" did help you get to England! That bitter better not be directed toward me, punk! BTW, you look hot!

Emily said...

I just caught Bindi on C-Span. Man, she's annoying. I think Topher and Azucar are right.