Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Go over to this blog for a little something to start your Wednesday. Apparently I want as many blogs as I have children. I'm sure there's some symbolism there.


petie said...

Hey, pretty lady! Love the picture over at the new blog. . .dark hair. . .nice! This new blog is my dream come true. It's amazing. . .and your posts are delightful. You really are Superwoman. I read your posts and think, "She was up every hour last night, and still can write this post with a baby on her lap, whilst being interrupted 14 times. . .and her picture turns out like THAT?!?!?" When I grow up, I want to be you.

abelnap said...
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abelnap said...

Cool. I love that I can go to one place to read you and Kacy at the same time. Are we ever going to go to lunch--or preferably dinner sans infants? I'm done with school till August when I start a whole new life. Yikes. Margaret is gorgeous. So are you.