Friday, January 09, 2009

Post Holiday Festivities

I wanted to start off the year by going back in time to recap what the post-holiday weeks have been like. As soon as we take down our tree, I'm busy putting up "Happy Birthday" banners and making cake. And blogging.

Owen's third grade class displayed their art at a local gallery. I will from now on refer to it as his debut gallery opening. His subject? "The jaguar: king of the underworld." (I know, right?)

I lunched with incredibly smart, funny, caring friends (who all blog--imagine that!)

What says "the holidays" better than a dance off, or two?

My little sister and brother came into town which is always a treat. We rarely see them, which makes us all sad. When we do see them, we are reminded of how thin and tan they are, which makes us feel so pasty and pudgy--but in a middle-America kind of way.

There were balloons.

Phoebe had a birthday and Auntie Pandy and my mom bedazzled tote bags (saying "tote" is spritely) for little girls.

Margaret had a birthday. She's one now. I'm dealing with it, but I'm still not "in favor" of my kids getting older. It's something I have to deal with. I get it. Get off my back (Gina).


Bek said...

Yay, a holiday recap post. I didn't realize how tall and tan Pandy and Jimmy V were until you pointed it out. They make EVERYONE look middle america. Whatever.... ;-)

Is Margaret wearing the viral t shirt? Remember from a few years ago when everyone had it?? I love it and I want one... sigh.

Emmie said...

What is going on with my scarf in that picture? It was such a fun lunch, and so wonderful to see you!

Shawn said...

So fun, so fun! I'm ALL for a dance-off ANYTIME-----come on---lets have one---love them!

Margaret is still the most beautiful thing ever! I will have to see her again in Feb.---can I, can I, please?

And maybe this time I will get to hang a bit more with that errant hubby of yours---he is so busy about town.

Hailey said...

Love the pictures!

wendysue said...

I'm a little confused about the art. . .polaroids of stuffed/taxidermy animals? Although the one of the jaguar WAS my favorite!!

And seriously, even Jimmy V can't hold back doing the robot. .

How much do I miss you and your family?

Kacy said...

The jaguar IS king of the underworld!

Annette said...

Hi Lisa. Every once in awhile I come by your site to see your family. Have I told you how much I adore your children? And, if someday in church someone from the back scoops down and steals Margaret, that will be me!

Mindy said...

Last Christmas we rented "Stalking Santa",without any prior knowledge of it in any way (since we live in St. George things like that are not announced from the pulpit like we know they are in the salt lake/provo area), we loved it and have since wondered "who were those guys". With the horrible tradgedy that struck your family in Aug. the world became on-line BFF's with your two sisters-in-law. Of course I was one of them..only they dont know it. On the nights that my husband works late and all throughout the day while public school is raising my kids, I have read their blogs. On Cjanes blog she posted about her brother, I happen to be out of new material to read so I clicked on the link. What a serendipitous event.I have been laughing outloud for hours...I just read his post about the Christmas tree on BYU campus and the "Do not touch sign"...hillarious. You both are. And it's also good to finally get some closure about that guy who made that show about stalking santa. I called my husband with the great news at his office at 11 last night. He was impressed in a stop-bugging-me-so-I-can-get-some-work-done-and-come-home-and-get-some-sleep kinda way but I know he is just as happy on the inside.
So, like I said you are funny and fun to read and you keep it real so THANKS to you and yours. After I work out, get my kids off to school, write in my journal, read scriptures,enrich the lives of others, and go to my primary meeting, I am for sure getting back on for more reading.
P.S. I was not going to comment since you guys are so out of my league but I kept imagining you as a chicken up on stage and it really helped.