Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Thrillionaires!

The Thrillionaires plan the new fall season!

Oh, they just never turn it off, do they?!

We're having so much fun. . .

OH, still more fun!

Continuing my dedication to embarrass all my children, no matter how young.

You see, we're all jocks, and princesses, and freaks. . .

We kicked off our new season with an 80's show. An totally rad play about some awesome stereotypical teens in the first half, and then followed the rise and fall and rise again of the fictional band "Hot Sugar" for the second half's rock musical. I've said it a time or two, but I'll say it again: theater as improv is the best outlet around for me (right Hailey? and thanks for letting me steal your photos!)


Amylouwho said...

Love the hair in that last pic!

Hey I saw your family pics on Justin's blog - you guys are an adorable family. And don't you love Justin? He did my wedding pics and I love them!

Hailey said...

Sure thing! I'm going to steal the goofy group one--I don't have that! I love that Hugh is sticking his tongue out too--cute little guy!

You were the funniest prom queen runner-up that fell madly for a burn-out EVER!

Shawn said...

Fun, fun, fun! I'm soooo jealous of all your fun!

wendysue said...

Oh my, I totally recognize that sweet jean mini and the puffy sleeves in the last photo. And did you steal my turquoise star earrings when you were at my house last year???

cotton_in_the_medicine_bottles said...

How do you do it? Super mom and Super improver?!
Seriously, email me and let me know, cuz I miss the improv.

P & L said...

Oh, man, jealous! Looks, like, totally awesome, guys!


Jacks said...

Where can I find contact information for the Thrillionaires group? I couldn't find any on the myspace page - but I'm a bit blind.

I want to look into booking y'all for a fundraising even in Utah County and need some info on availability, cost, etc.

Jackie Eaton

KmS said...

Dear Cjane and Nie Nie readers -

Help me spread the word!! I have five days left in my 'Headers For Nie Nie' sale!! I am making custom blog headers for anyone who donates $15 or more to the Nie Recovery Fund. It's for a good cause, could your blog use a facelift??


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Dear Rubber-mouth-woman,

I had to enlarge the photo to get the full effect and I declare you the winner. Who knew? You should give lessons.

Here's to your other hidden talents! May you display them soon for our entertainment.

Lisa said...

The Thrillionaire's are performing every Saturday night at the Covey Center in Provo! You can contact me via email or Hailey (second commenter in this blog) for booking. Thanks for asking!

Bek said...

That is the list I know and love!! Yeah Thrillionaires. When did Phoebe start? I am sure that Margaret brings down the house (she looks like baby Owen those pictures.....sheesh).

kmcaldwell said...

i saw your blog on cjane and so i had to check it out
Age 13
Snowflake AZ

kmcaldwell said...

i saw your blog on cjane and so i had to check it out
Age 13
Snowflake AZ

b. said...

I wanna come see it!

Looks like a lot of fun!

Jane said...

I forgot I put a bid on the guitar a couple of months ago for the Nie Nie auction. If you per chance had another signed guitar I would be willing to pay what the highest bidder paid for the NIe Nie cause. Let me know. Love to help out.

BTW - Love those thrillionaires. Thanks. Nick Greer (nick@go1on1.com)