Thursday, September 04, 2008

Congratulations, Winners!!!

Congratulations to:

1. SHELLY TOBLER who won the signed Maroon5 guitar for $826!

2. DOMESTIC BLISS who won tickets to the September 10th Maroon5 concert for $300!

3. MICHAEL BARBER who won tickets to the September 10th Maroon5 concert for $300!

Winners, please send me a receipt from the pay pal donation (go here to find the paypal account) AND your name, email address, and phone number to lisavalentineclark AT gmail DOT com.

Thank you for everyone who bid! ROCK ON!

(and thanks again, James!)


Terri said...

Lisa, you are a wonderful friend.

petite and dynamite said...

Congratulations to the winners! How cool. Also for those that haven't won -- there is still a jewelry auction going on to benefit Stephanie and her husband at Wendy == and you can get a gorgeous necklace -- check it out at

on her blog...

randa_joy said...

i couldn't make a comment on your "lightrefreshments" blog but I was just reading an old conference talk and thought hey that would be a good "What's My Sign" saying. Anyway here it is: "there is no spiritual power in living by convenience (M. Russell Ballard 1999)."

luckymartini said...

lisa! there you are! you once were lost, but now are found! i miss you. will you please move to washington?

Lisa said...

LUCKYMARTINI!? Will you come and visit me? I'll see about moving to Washington, but I really can't commit at this point. HOW ARE YOU!?!?