Saturday, August 23, 2008

Good Friends

It is really amazing how kind and supportive everyone has been concerning Stephanie and Christian. Topher and I feel really grateful for such an incredible support system, receiving so much love and support in the form of calls, visits, and treats. We will use this support to help take care of each other in the Clark family, and there is something really beautiful about that. So, thank you.

My friend Gabby has written a beautiful tribute to Stephanie, and has a great call to action as well. Go to her site to see for yourself:


simply kris said...

Gabby is an old friend of mine~ way back to elementary. Good luck with your auctions and blessings to Stephanie and Christopher.

Anonymous said...

What a crazy world we live in!
Leeee-sa! I just came across your blog through all the Nie Nie links and realized that it's YOU! Lisa! Lisa Valentine (am I allowed to say that?) and I suddenly feel thrust back 15 years to our days hanging out together in Happy Valley!
Liberty Square, The Garrens, Rob Riley (yum), oh the memories! I have always wondered where you ended up! It was like Topher came and swept you away, and the next thing we all knew was you were married and we were all still single losers!
I want to catch up!
I am sorry to write so much here... I didn't know how else to contact you.
I am so so sorry about your sis-in-law! I was skipping through these blogs trying to find an address to send the family some of my Mormon Greeting Cards. What a happy little click that brought me to your site!
Please email me- that is if you remember me and aren't sitting thinking "this girl's a whole lotta crazy."
I'll shut up now. Save it for the emails....

Charyce (formerly Brown) now McGregor

{If you need a little reminder you can check out my blog: but just imagine me still in my 20's, and without the body of a mother of 5 children. }

Natalie said...

I'm sure if you think hard enough you will remember the wonderful times we spent in the car driving to Springville High School with non other than Tom Uharriet. It is such a small world, and I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog. For months I have heard my friends talk about CJane and NieNie in the blogging world and now that NieNie has been in her accident I found out that you are related to her. My prayers are with your family and for her recovery as well as her husband's. You have a beautiful family!
Natalie Field