Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kacy Tagged Me--Oh, the Pressure!

If you're not reading everydayiwritethebook (, you're missing out! You're welcome.

10 Years Ago. . .
I was 9 months pregnant with Miles and lugging 60 pounds of pregnancy weight while teaching 10th and 11th graders the parts of speech (thank you Schoolhouse Rock!), how to write a 5 paragraph essay, and how to think and reason logically. That last one's not a joke, bytheway. I remember lots of free-writing exercises, saltine crackers in my desk, and that one of my students was pregnant at the same time! I couldn't wear regular shoes and had to stuff my bloated feet into my Birkenstocks, and we were so poor back then I had to wear the same 3 maternity dresses my mom made for me over and over (Topher, no jokes about the fish dress--it's still too soon), which was fine because high school students are totally understanding when it comes to fashion and appearance.

5 Things On My To-Do List:
1. Clean behind the boys' dressers.
2. Make grocery list, get groceries, put groceries away. Order pizza for dinner.
3. Write thank you note to my mom for gorgeous blessing outfit she made Margaret.
4. Learn to sew.
5. Put on my Birkenstocks and note to myself that they are loose and comfortable.

5 Snacks I Enjoy:
1. dark chocolate covered almonds
2. cheese--exotic cheeses, cheese dips (hot or cold), cheese flavoring
3. popcorn with a handful of m&ms thrown in, slightly melted
4. bruchetta
5. fresh pineapple

5 Foods I Love:
1. Pollo Rosa Maria at Carraba's
2. Authentic Margarita Pizza
3. Green Chili Chicken Salad at Bajio's
4. Citrus Grill Salads/Sandwiches
5. Medium Fillet with Garlic Mashed Potatoes

What I Would Do If I Were Suddenly a Billionaire:
Get that Nel-Net off our back. Pay off everything. Travel a lot. Save a lot. Give away some. Doesn't everyone answer this question pretty much the same?

5 Places I Have Lived:

1. Lincoln, Nebraska
2. Provo, Utah (seven different apartments, and a cute home)
3. Dawlish, England
4. Orem, Utah (but Topher told everyone we lived in Lindon)
5. in my head, in my own reality

Favorite Quote:

"The world is full of crazy people. Our job is to not let the crazy people take over." Robert Valentine


Heidi said...

My friend has literally started a specialty cheese business for entertaining. Next time she sends me some for tasting (because she really does), I will get you in on it!

lisa v. clark said...

Yes, please!!!

Kacy said...

Why are you cleaning BEHIND the boys' dressers. . . is your dad coming over?

wendysue said...

ok, I am totally your comment about grocery shopping then ordering pizza. I always stop somewhere for take out with a car full of groceries!!

I agree with Kacy, the only time behind the dressers get cleaned is when the furniture gets moved.

Cafe Johnsonia said...

My favorites --
The entire "10 Years Ago..."

4. Orem, Utah (but Topher told everyone we lived in Lindon)

My husband said one time, "The great thing about being crazy is that the possibilities are endless!"

Hailey said...

Um, why have I not tried these m&m's in the popcorn? This is on my wish list for next tv night.

Mila said...

check out my blog

Shawn said...

Glad I got to see you for a few last week---you look as gorgeous as ever, dahling!

And I'm with Mila on this one...

Read my blog, K?
It would make my week... :)

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Reasons Lynne ignored me at church, even though I had the most beautiful baby in the universe:

1. My hair was brown
2. My hair was not blond
3. Lynne is a dufus
4. Lynne was squashed into an unfamiliar phew (phew, get it?) with three more people than should have been there and was under great distress
5. My hair was BROWN! Why was my hair brown?

Oh, and your neice's testimony made Lynne cry. What a precious girl. Don't let her dye her hair.

Gina said...

It's always the crazy people who think they're the only ones who get it. We grew up in the same house, I know!

Patrick said...

So who, exactly, are these crazy people? I'd like to be on the lookout...

Oh, and I think you're amazing!

Patrick said...

Hey, that last comment was Lindsay. For some reason, I'm signed in as Patrick...

Heidi said...

Teenagers are totally accepting of fashion, right?

I remember one of my students saying to me, "Your hair needs to be redyed. You have roots."

Well, yes. But I also dyed my hair back when I was single, and then I got married and we were so poor I had to grow it out.

So sweet, those teenagers.