Thursday, February 07, 2008

Train of Thought; choo-choo, I'm not crazy.

I think I'm ready to share.

I've had time to reflect a lot lately, but not sleep much, so take that for what it's worth. I'm not trying to get sympathy (or rather, I don't want to appear be asking for it), but I do have a lot on my mind. Here's what I think about as I'm nursing at 11pm, 1am, 3am, and 5am when YOU are asleep and it's considered "bad form" to call and tell you. (Don't worry, I won't include the "why do I love my new baby so much?" "how did my children get so old so fast?" "where does the time go?" "my innocent baby has to be introduced to a world full of pain and evil" post-pardum blubbering I excel at. . .)

1. I am in the anger stage of grief over the writer's strike. I sympathize with the writers. I'm on "their side." I'm not mad at THEM, I'm just mad at the situation I find myself in: stuck inside this Winter. In my desperation, I googled a couple of sites about grief, and one site told me not to analyze my grief, but to express it.

2. It is amazingly difficult to find a heavy-duty (ladies, you know what I mean) nursing bra in Provo, Utah, which has the highest birthrate per capta in the world. Why is that? Also, why don't we have parking in Utah for pregnant women and women with small children like they do in Lincoln, Nebraska? Of course they would always be used, so isn't that more reason to get them?

3. Why do I love any drink MORE with pebble ice, in a styrofoam cup? What is the power in that?

4. Who will I vote for next year? Is it just my twisted perception, or do most Southerners distrust Mormons? Does Obama really generate hope or do we just want him to? How do you "create hope?" Why does the idea of Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton not sit well with me? Why are celebrities so quick to "create awareness"? Why does that seem silly to me? What is the recipe for creating hope, awareness, change. . . ? That would make an interesting article.

5. Why is it not fashionable to be a SAHM, but it is fashionable to be an interior designer, chef, home organizer, big brother/big sister to children, etc etc? Why do people always ask "What ELSE are you doing. . .?" when you say you're a SAHM? Is it our fault for not sticking up for ourselves, or is it the general assumption because we always add to it? Why do I care?

6. How is it that Margaret is SO CUTE and so sweet? Is it crazy to believe that she may be comedically gifted because she's already smiling at 4.5 weeks?

Thanks for letting me share. And thanks to our dear friends for making the transition home from the hospital, back to the hospital, and then home again, go a little more smoothly. I really am overwhelmed by all of it, but I won't go on because this post is already a little too serious. A little too "February."


petie said...

Oh Lisa. . .I'm so glad to hear from you, even if you are post-partum and sleep-deprived. I can't wait for the Bingham family to be healthy long enough to come visit you and baby Margo!

As for the topics. . .I think a few days of being homebound with two sick kids and a sick mom can make you extremely intolerant about the "plight" of the writer. I've been angry for a long time now. . .I think more that someone there needs to figure out how to NEGOTIATE more than anything else. . .but now, if you don't start bringing some of my damn shows back soon, I can't be held accountable. How could they do this to the poor SAHM??? Don't I deserve a couple of hard-earned hours of stories at the end of the night? And this week is the last new episode of FNL -- so kill me now.

And the nursing bra. . .what in the world is up with that? I live in SLC, and it's no better here! I suppose I don't deserve an any support when I'm nursing? Just some flabby, gigantic HHH boobs??? It's not right.

It's because being a SAHM is so easy. It's like doing nothing at all.

cotton_in_the_medicine_bottles said...

My train of thought is currently a wreck, so I can't really put together anything super witty to say, but I wanted you to know that I'm grieving and commiserating and celebrating with you.

pflower10 said...

I love, Love, LOVE that pic of margo. What a sweetie!!!

And as for the rest of the post


Kacy said...

Here is what I grieve over: the 6 months I went without TV (when the writers WERE writing) and the money I spent (a lot) to get TV just as the writers stopped writing. Talk about blows.

Politics: A lot of people might call me apathetic, but I am reserving my political energy for later when the candidates are narrowed down to two. Think of all the Mitt-Romney-loving I saved myself now that he's out of the race! I don't even feel bad about it. (And I'm sure immigrants feel great about it!)

I don't have anything to offer about nursing bras. I had one, but now I give my baby a bottle--so I am unfashionable even among SAHMs, who are already unfashionable.

Shabbymom said...

Hey, I just wanted to say one thing: has saved me! :) Good luck with everything, if you need anything, call me, it's so good to hear about you and see your sweet little baby, she's so cute!

Mrs. Brooke said...

Not being able to find a nursing bra in Provo is incredibly irritating to myself as well. Really, there should be at least as many nursing bra stores in the area as there are Mexican restaurants. Or just take out 75% of the Mexican restaurants and put in some nursing headquarters.

Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton...oh my goodness, that made me laugh.

Best wishes with more late night nursing musings...I'm about to join the ranks again myself. The fun of starting a movie that's on TV and then getting up again and finding that it's still on...that always bums me out a bit. :)

(Beautiful little girl!)

Bek said...

YAY. I have been begging for pictures of little Margaret.. she is so cute!! Look at that hair.

Nursing bras.. um, no idea. Frankly, I dread that. If you think that there are none in Provo, try San Francisco. Not so much.

Writes strike. Lucky for me I never got into any shows this fall. The ones I love/watch are on Bravo or the Travel channel. Now that they are almost out, I have gone "back" to watching the reruns of the normal shows. One case when slacking and never setting your TIVO is the right thing in the end...

Love pebbled ice. My new house doesn't have a fridge that crushes ice. It was almost a deal breaker... not kidding...and there are no fast food restaurants in the town. It is too "organic". also not kidding. It's like they are FORCING me to be healthy. Sheesh.

And the SAHM thing. I am such a rarity here, people think it is great. Usually , they think that I am the nanny (since my kids don't match me and all).... It is much more work to slave for little tyrants that vomit and poop than any of my former bawl baby bosses. ALso, my bosses didn't get into my makeup and ruin all my nice things. Or break the water heater. Or need stitches.... the list goes on...

Shawn said...

I LOVE CRUSHED PEBBLE ICE! I am a little embarrassed to say that it is one of the things that I used to look forward to each night when I had an ice maker built into my fridge.

So that is probably why I am not only depressed about the lack of good material to TIVO, but I don't have an ice maker in my fridge anymore!

By the by, your Margaret is beautiful----oh, I do miss babies...

Hailey said...

Pebble ice in styrofoam cups--YES! Sign me up!

I've decided to direct all feelings of winter strife at Ben Silverman, the boyish NBC chair. He is a tool for not giving FNL credit and I don't like his look. So, it goes something like this: the girls are sick again? Blame Ben Silverman. It snowed again? Dang that Ben Silverman! No resolution to the writer's strike?! I"LL GET YOU BEN SILVERMAN!! It helps...

You know, we atched the epi of FNL last night when Tami decides to finally take Gracie to daycare and I really believed for a second there that she was going to stay home. Until her husband messed it up! I really wanted someone as awesome as her to make that decision. (We are the true revolutionaries!)

Hailey said...

Oh, and BTW, I really love that pic of my best friend Hugh with the hanger--he needs to come hang out again and you know, watch Lightning Mcqueen and not take naps...

b. said...

Ohhh....that face!! She's so cute!

Are ready for a refill?? All you have to do is call and I'll meetcha there. You definitely know the location well....I'm serious.

wendysue said...

Seriously. . .writer's strike. . .I actually look forward to new episodes of Dinner:Impossible on the Food Network! Help .. . me.

And what is it with that rabbit turd ice? (I know that doesn't make it sound as good as it is, but that's what I call it)

Oh, and I'll be sure to use up all those expectant mother spots for you! I'm already huge so there's no question I need it!

Mayara said...

Oh!Margo looks so cute!Even cuter than the last time I've seen her(pic).
I loved all the pics with the parking sign...I didn't even know there were such things!!!!Good to know...that way I'm going there when I'm pregnant!
Loved the post.It made me think a lot and about a lot of subjects!

sue-donym said...

Here I have been wallowing in self pitty because of my sorrow over the writers strike, completely forgetting that YOU my dear friend are really the one who needs these shows right now more than me.

Forgive my selfishness?

You have a beautiful family. My prayers have been with you and baby Margaret.

Even with cold cokes in the fridge, I drive to Sonic daily for the styro and crushed ice.

Creole Wisdom said...

Well I found your blog through Cjane's... and it is hilarious! Thank you!

Sometimes I park in the "expectant mother" spot, I think- well someday I expect to be a mother LOL. And sometimes my mom will park there- regardless of the fact that I'm 21 she still feel like she has a "young child." Humph!

One would think Provo would have itself together in regards to that area. I do hope you find a good bra : )

Oh- and being a SAHM is AWESOME. Give people a mean look when they say "what else?!?" Or you can say, "what else are you doing?!!? I am replenishing the earth!"

avalentine said...

Is it crazy that I want to eat that baby? Just nibble on her cheeks? AHHH!

P & L said...

How is it that your children are so adorable? I think that's reason enough for you to remain a wildly proud SAHM -- you raise such adorable, delightful, comedic, intelligent children. And though I am neither a mother nor a very good television watcher, I totally feel you. Those things sound awful.

Keep up the good work!

liz said...

I'm going to stop lurking now to give you a very helpful piece of information. There is a GREAT nursing bra place in Salt Lake City called the Lactation Station (hilarious name). I know it's a drive for you, but the woman in there is so darn helpful, it might be worth it. 3000 something south on Highland Dr. Look up the number and call before going, because their hours are a little sporadic. They have a huge selection (it's all they do, if you couldn't guess from the name) and the owner can accurately guess your bra size pretty much just by looking at you.

Gina said...

What are you whining about? Just be glad to BE A MOTHER. Just keeping it real-love ya like a sistah!

IamLoW said...

VERY late coming on.... but I just found this blog.

Southerners don't trust Mormon's. I live in GA and some local churches will have "Cult Week", to educate their members, and one night is always the night about Mormons. I know this for a fact because they have signs outside their church advertising.

Crazy, ain't it?