Thursday, May 31, 2007

I think I was cool once. . . okay, not really.

There's nothing like seeing really cool people to remind you that you're not cool. This didn't come as a big shock to me on my whirlwind vacation to LA, but more of a gradual 10 year revelation. Actually, I have four little daily reminders. One, and I'm not naming names, told me on my birthday this past week that he thought I was 44. I'm 33. Another one, again, no names, poured juice all over the floor because he really wanted milk. Another one corrects my spelling. You get the idea. I'm constantly being reminded that it's just not about me, and that I have special powers that only I can do. Like unloading the dishwasher.

Recently Topher and I went away to Maroon5's CD launch party in L.A. It was such an incredible trip, and such a fun, fun time. It was a nice, short break from reality into an entirely different world that I suspected existed, but had convinced myself was an illusion. If you want to read about how cool the party was, or the cool people I met, visit my guest blog at

We were treated by my brother to an incredible getaway. He was really so nice and generous, quite sincerely. We stayed in a nice hotel, rented a brand-new car (300 miles on it, GPS system, etc), were treated to an incredible dinner at the Palm, backstage passes to the Tonight Show and Ellen, and introduced all around at the launch party itself to friends and celebrities. James treated us like rock-stars.

We grew up in Nebraska, a family of five kids close in age. When I was home from my freshman year at college, little James was 14. He and his best friend, Shane begged me to take them to Omaha for the Firehose concert at the Ranch Bowl. I reluctantly agreed, not wanting my little brother to cramp my style. Wearing my Doc Martins and flannel, I thought I was pretty cool. To this day, it was one of the best concerts I've ever been to: small and intimate, incredible music, and Mike Watt actually talked to me and called me "sister." It was awesome, and it was very, very cool.

I also remember bringing boyfriends home who would talk music with my little brother, which I thought was so cute. I brought home the lead singer from the YardApes and James tripped over the rug, he was so excited to talk with him. One boyfriend lent him his guitar to practice with. Although I haven't spoken to him in a decade, they're still friends and he crashes at James' home. (Notice how I said "crashes" instead of "stays over"? Yeah, I still got it.)

So when I see how James lives, with assistants and stylists and fans and all of that, and he shows me around his incredible mid-century modern home, I expect a little attitude or a little, "see, you should have been happy to take me to see Firehose!" But instead, he is so, so sweet and happy to see me and asks all about the kids.

Now you know which long-haired guitar player is my brother. Do you see the family resemblance? Hey, we have the same hair--layers, highlights and all!

Now go buy the album!


Queen Scarlett said...

Beautiful family. Love your photo with the hand blocking the paparazzi. And... you're right... we do think this world exists... but don't believe it's quite real... and look - there you are.

wendysue said...

Can I just say how beautiful you are! And I did notice how you let Gina borrow your fabulous white jacket! What a nice sister you are!!

And seeing that photo of all of you makes me long for those days of riding bikes and lemonade/cookie stands and going to Amanda's "shop" in her room. That really wasn't THAT long ago was it?

I love that he treated YOU GUYS like rock stars. Well of course he did, he's a Valentine, that's just what you guys do!!

sue-donym said...

You are SO cool.

I am so glad you posted. And I would have known James anywhere, with the hair.

La Yen said...

You are cooler than me, that's for sure. The only concert I ever took my brother to was Lollapalooza, and that is SO mainstream, now.

Did you get fancy gift bags?

Suzie Petunia said...

I was going to say "I know someone who is related to someone famous!" And then I remembered that I don't actually KNOW you! I'm so lame. It sounded like a fun time!

AzĂșcar said...

Pshaw! You're still cool!

(Although I'm not, I just used 'pshaw'.)

Rachel said...

Say you are coming back this way again and I promise to a) not be out of the country and b) bring a little Logan that I know you wanna meet. Please. I'm not to proud to beg.
And I have to agree that you are so freaking cool I can't even stand it.

lisapow said...

You are so lucky! I love Maroon 5 - what a great party to go to!

Dana H said...

Lisa! You SO did the runway, girl!!! I'm so glad you had a fabulous certainly deserve it!

Gina said...

My jacket, WendySue! Lisa is cool.

Loraine Edwards said...

You looked so slim and lovely. You fit right into that LA Scene. When are you coming to London we need to go shopping again!

cotton_in_the_medicine_bottles said...

Hey Lisa,
My best friend reads the Jolly Porter and thinks you're so cool she needs to kill you.
How's that for cool?!

Tami said...

you don't know me - i hopped over from cjane and say a sister of a member of maroon 5 just automatically gives you cool factor - though you probably got cool down on your own merits. bought the album (pre ordered - been waiting over a year for a new album) and have my concert tickets (soundcheck to boot)