Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Lemme just hop up here on that Bandwagon. . .

7 Things I Want To Do Before I Die:

1. See all my kids in the temple.
2. Explore Italy with Topher.
3. Go on a cruise with a bunch of good friends.
4. Go to lots of plays with Topher.
5. Write a book.
6. Have my own exhibition in an art gallery.
7. Be a grandmother.

7 Things I Cannot Do:

1. The Presidential Fitness arm hang thing.
2. Hide my opinion when asked.
3. Stop Topher from snoring.
4. Not make fun of Gina when she says something funny.
5. Go into Target without buying something.
6. Not brag about what a good deal I got on something I bought on sale.
7. Sew.

7 Things That Attracted Me To My Spouse:

1. His sense of humor (never met anyone funnier)
2. His passion
3. His talent for writing
4. His talent (watching him act and play the piano)
5. His green Doc Martins
6. His spirituality/conviction/personal integrity
7. His eyes when he smiles and cute bum when he walks

7 Things I Say Often:

1. No Way!
2. Seriously? Seriously?
3. Shut. . .up. . .
4. I love you more!
5. Good Night!
6. Get out of town: Are you kidding me?!
7. Well, Mr. Kot--tear!

7 Books I Could Read Over and Over:
1. Fahrenheit 451
2. Franny and Zooey
3. I, Robot
4. Naked
5. Frankenstein
6. To Kill a Mockingbird
7. Simple Abundance

7 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:

1. Elizabeth
2. Waiting for Guffman
3. Rushmore
4. Star Wars Trilogy
5. Better Off Dead
6. About a Boy
7. Sound of Music

7 People I Think Should Do "7":

1. cjanerun
2. realexecutive
3. realexecutive's wife
4. gina
5. auntie pandy
6. everydayiwritethebook
7. jollyporter


Kate said...

Good to see you updating. You're so funny, you should write a book. A book on how to be funny.

It could be called: 'How To Be Funny'

And Topher's could be called: 'My Funny Valentine'

I totally crack myself up.

wendysue said...

Yippee! I loved your list, and your list of things "I cannot do". . .that is why we're such good buds!

Are you loving London? Do I even need to ask that question?

Bek said...

Well lookey who found the time to update while in LONDON!!!!!!!!!! See what happens when you aren't dealing with the little people?

So good to see this. Am iI invited on the cruise? :-)

Are you having a wonderful time?

Josh said...

A NEW BLOG! And, on your birthday none the less. Should that have been nonetheless? Whatever. Hope your having an amazing time. Your kids are fine, so live it up. I realized I have never read any of the seven books you could read over and over. Guess I have my summmer reading list!

~j. said...

Yay! So glad to read an updated post, and thank you for playing.

lisa v. clark said...

It's funny because we go out all day and walk around and see a million things, then go to a really incredible play or musical every night, and then while Topher checks his emails and gets his lesson plans ready for the next day, I suddenly have this time to, hey, write a blog! (revelation of the trip: raising kids is hard, and makes you really, really tired)

Yes, I heart London, but I REALLY HEART TOPHER!

Bek and Wendy- do you even have to ask?!

Joshie-Read one of the books on my list and I promise to bring you back a surprise. ..(and it's NOT a love/appreciation for the text)

Josh said...

I will read one of the books on your list. Does my surprise rhyme with "Bones and Slotted Fream?" Sadly, I don't think they would survive the plane trip. (Wasn't it secretly kind of nice to sit on a plane for 12 hours and just read a sleep and watch movies and not worry about kids interrupting you?) And when I said that you wrote this on your birthday, I was apparantly retarded, because your birthday was approx. 3 days previous. Sorry. But Happy Birthday!

AzĂșcar said...

Working in the bookstores killed Simple Abundance for me (just ask Toph.) Maybe I need to give it another shot?

I bet everyone asked for slotted fream. Sigh.

Hailey said...

Lisa, I'm so glad you're having an awesome time, but come home soon because I'm dying to tell you my HUGE news!

Lyle said...

It's been so long since you've posted. I'm so glad to discover that Topher has not used those knives for an ill purpose...unless...he is posing as you on your blog....ahhhhhhh!!!!

La Yen said...

Dear Lisa:
This has nothing to do with your sevens, but remember when you extolled the virtue of WalMart waxy choco donuts? They are not good in the EP. Can you give me more specific directions on brands and instructional information? Because I am sadly eating Mrs. Baird's grabngo favorites and I am not liking them at all. But I am still eating them.
La Yen.

lisa v. clark said...

All I can tell you is search for the freshest (latest expiration date--I've done my research, they're only special fresh) of the WalMart bakery brand chocolate donuts, usually $1.77. I also suggest the cinnamon sugar ones for a delightfully lighter taste.

Julie said...

(drooool, slurrrp) Ohhhhhh those cinnamon sugar Walmart mini donuts are SOOOOOOOOO good! Dang. Now I want some and I'm too tired to go get them. La Yen, I get my fix in the Walmart bakery section.

Have a great time in England with Topher.

Suzie Petunia said...

Have you never heard of Krispy Kreme? If only they had their own version of the waxy donut... mmmmm. But the creme filled ones area good substitute.

Suzie Petunia said...
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